8 Apr 2011, 1:59pm
Music Performance


Insect Orchestra- Friday, April 15 @ Phoenix

Prince Enoki’s Insect Orchestra is a 9 piece afro-space-jazz ensemble, led by me: bassist and throat-singer Scott Peterson. Inspired by worldwide indigenous music and the earth’s natural soundscapes, the Insect Orchestra takes listeners from Asia to the Amazon, with a stop in Africa along the way. Amazonian grass bundle, glass bottles and tambouras blend with upright bass, overtone singing, interlocking guitars, deep drums, percussion, tuba & baritone saxophone to evoke long nights in a smoky jungle.

Scott Peterson-Bass/Mbira/Voice

Isla Craig- Voice

Peter Lutek- Contra-alto Clarinet/Bari Sax/Clarinet

Jay Hay- Bari Sax/Flute

Jay Burr- Tuba

Matt Dunn- Banjo/Percussion

Colin Fisher- Guitar/Guzheng/Percussion

Brandon Valdivia- Percussion

Kieran Adams- Drums

16 Apr 2011, 11:23am
by Richard Verdin


you all were really good last night! I’d never heard of your band before but you blew me away. Thanks. Your drummers vintage Rogers kit was beautiful.
Hope to see you again.-Richard

Thanks Richard! We had an amazing time; the crowd had beautiful vibes!! : )) Tony’s set was INSPIRATION!!


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